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The twin-screw (PLA) extruded sheet unit is a device for producing polylactic acid sheets. Polylactic acid has good biocompatibility and biodegradability. It can be decomposed under natural conditions and can replace other packaging materials, creating a PLA for domestic use. High-efficiency, low-cost plus modification technology and food packaging machinery.


Luo Qingqing, the chairman of our company, has developed a unique polylactic acid modification process and twin-screw extrusion sheet unit through the cooperation of production, education and research with Sichuan University, and obtained a utility model patent authorization.


1. Using the modular twin-screw structure, through the re-combination of the threaded components of the screw and the re-adjustment of the processing technology, the extrusion output and the adaptation to the sheets of different materials are increased, so that the performance of the device is greatly improved.

2. 100% crushed material can be used for extrusion molding to reduce material cost and sheet manufacturing cost.

3, through the multi-stage vacuum exhaust caused by PLA degradation, to achieve PLA drying-free processing, reduce drying equipment, thereby reducing energy consumption.


1, raw materials: 100% recycled materials;

2, production capacity: 450 ~ 550kg / h;

3. Surface roughness of the shaped roller: ≤Ra0.025μm; 4. Sheet width: 720mm;

5, sheet thickness: 0.17 ~ 1.2mm;

6, the thickness of the sheet deviation: ± 0.01mm;

7, the whole noise: ≤ 85dB (A)


The production of this product will increase the promotion and application of PLA sheets, promote the replacement of PVC sheets, PVC and PP sheets, and achieve sustainable development of the industry. The operational stability and reliability of the products are leading domestically. The level can replace similar imported equipment and save foreign exchange for the country.

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