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Multi-station thermoforming machine is based on our original pneumatic thermoforming machine, using its own intellectual property rights, intelligent control technology for multi-station thermoforming complex equipment, pre-heating technology, intelligent temperature control system, eccentric cam The linkage swing device, the intelligent chain rail inspection and delivery device, and the station automatic moving device are undergoing technological transformation. The fully automatic multi-position positive and negative pressure thermoforming unit has been developed for molding, punching, punching and stacking.


The production process is shown in the figure below:


The sheet is automatically uncoiled by a sheet release rack -> sheet preheating -> sheet furnace radiation heating -> sheet stretching -> sheet positive and negative pressure forming -> product punching -> product blanking -> product automation Stacking -> automatic push cup counting -> conveyor belt output products -> waste film winding


The main technical indicators are as follows:

1 The highest production model reaches 40 moulds/minute;

2 largest molding area 780mm × 540mm;

3 suitable for production: PP, PS, PET, PVC, PLA and other sheets;

4 suitable material maximum thickness: 1.2mm;

5 The maximum number of stacks: 50pcs.

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